The Zero Hour

Hosted by Rod Serling
Zero Hour was hosted by the famed Rod Serling who offered comments before and after each show. Rod also wrote some of the shows scripts. Zero Hour used Hollywood film stars who appeared for a week at a time. Most of the stories were exciting and action-packed. The series was said to be a year in the making and premiered on Sep 3, 1973 on most stations. The Mutual Broadcasting System offered the shows to their member stations on a syndicated basis, allowing the programs to be aired during a time period that was convenient, and at a date that was suitable. For this reason in some areas the series did not begin until late Fall or early Winter of 1973.
Hollywood film stars who appeared on the "Zero Hour"
Patty Duke, John Astin, Howard Duff, George Kennedy, Robert Reed, John Dehner, Susan Oliver, Jessica Walters, Joe Campanella, Judy Carne, Ed Nelson, Barbara Anderson, Tige Andrews, Howard Duff, Julie Adams, Ray Danton, Juliet Mills, Robert Brown, Murray Mathieson, Dick Crenna, Keenan Wynn, Julie Adams, Earl Holliman, Katherine Burns, Nina Foch, Nehemiah Persoff, Brock Peters, Marge Redman, Ken Berry, Joanne Worley, Edgar Bergen, Peter Marshall, Susan Strasberg, Andrew Dugan, Peter Lupus, George Maharis, Craig Stevens, Lee Meriwether, Shelley Berman, Ross Martin, Joe Campanella, Monte Markham, Charles McGraw, Mel Torme, Jackie Cooper, Dick Sargent, Lyle Waggoner, William Shatner, Greg Morris and Bob Crane.
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