You Are There

You are there, blending history with technology, an entire newsroom went on a field trip each week to report on major events of the past. Imagine that there were microphones and eyewitness reporters at some of the most important historical events in history. Newsmen interviewing witnesses, on the spot analysis of the situation as the event unfolds, all adding to the feeling of hearing a actual remote broadcast.

34 shows on 1 CD from 1947-1949.
This CD is in the MP3 format.

470707 Assassination Of Lincoln
470714 Storming Of The Bastille
470804 Drake Defeats Spanish Armada
470818 Defense Of The Alamo
471021 Battle Of Gettysburg
471106 The Listening Years
471221 Sailing of the Pilgrims
480118 Signing Of Magna Carta
480215 Caesar is Assassinated
480222 Battle of Gettysburg
480229 Execution Of Joan Of Arc
480314 Death Of Socrates
480321 Philadelphia July 4 1776
480404 Monitor and the Merrimac
480418 Battle of Plassey
480425 Fall Of Troy
480620 Impeachment of Andrew Johnson
480919 Virginia Ratifies The Constitution
481107 Lee And Grant At Appomattox
481205 Execution Of Maximillian
481212 Conspiracy Of The Cataline
481219 Hanging Of Captain Kidd
481226 Monitor Vs Merrimac
490109 Trial Of Charles I
490227 Impeachment Of Andrew Johnson
490403 Execution Of Mary Queen Of Scots
490424 Assassination Of Caesar
490501 Death Of Montezuma
490508 Trial Of Samuel Chase
490515 Lexington And Concord
490522 Bombardment Of Ft Sumter
490605 Capture Of John Wilkes Booth
491127 Trial Run Of Tom Thumb Steam Locomotive