World War II Radio, Vol. 1 -

Audio CD Collection

5 audio CDs in a beautiful, sealed, case collection.

1941 Live Radio Broadcast - Original State

You wont want to miss out on this wonderful account yet sobering live radio accounts of Pearl Harbor. Hear Franklin D. Roosevelt before the United States Congress-Declaration Of War! Listen to Eleanor Roosevelt address the nation. War reports, Ration commercials, remembering the sacrifice of all.

5 Hours Of Radio History
History - Military History - WWII - Pearl Harbor - Radio Broadcast 
Franklin D. Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt, Military 1941, Army, Navy, 1941 Radio Collection, Pearl Harbor, War Bonds, War Promos.

If you are a history buff or WWII enthusiast, then you will simply enjoy "World War II Radio Collection"...a collectors edition and choice. Filled with the charm of the good old days, the horrors of war, big band music, speeches and more...then this is the collection for you. 



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This collection is in a sealed case.
These CDs are in the AUDIO format.

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