The Whisperer

THE WHISPERER, THE WHISPERER, THE WHISPERER  These Words spoken three times followed by a rattling hiss signaling the beginning of the thrilling episodes starring Carlton Young and Bette Moran.

The Whisperer was really Philip Gault a brilliant man who lost his when his vocal chords were crushed in an accident.  He was only able to speak in a hissing whisper. Working his way deep into the crime syndicate of Central City to help destroy it from within.  He was the purveyor of instructions to his fellow syndicate members.

Then through the advancement of modern surgery performed by Dr. Benjamin Lee, a brilliant surgeon, his voice was miraculously restored Dr. Lee's Nurse Ellen Norris was the only person besides Dr. Lee who know the identity of The Whisperer. 

As The Whisperer Gault would receive his orders from the syndicate and then send them to the people who were supposed to carry them out.  As Philip Gault he used his knowledge of the inner workings of the syndicate to help destroy it from within because as Philip Gault he would faille the Syndicate' plans skirting danger at every turn.

This series ran only 13 episodes and is very rare. 
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