Twenty First Precinct

"21st Precinct, just lines on a map of the city of New York. Most of the 173,000 people wedged into the 9 tenths of a square mile between 5th avenue and the East River wouldn't know if you asked them that they lived or worked in the 21st, whether they know it or not the security of their persons their homes and property is my job, my job and the job of 160 patrolmen, 11 sergeants, and 4 lieutenants of whom I'm the boss, my name is Kennelly, Captain Frank Kennelly."

Following in the Dragnet mold, starting with a phone call and ending with the final report. New York police dramatizations of actual cases.

29 Shows on 1 CD.
This CD is in the MP3 format.

 Abandoned Baby
 Armed Robbery At Bar And Grill
 Arthur And Joe Rollins Thieves
 Body Found In Sewer
 Boy Lets Copperhead Snake Loose
 Bunco Case
 Crazy Brother In Law
 Crooked Cop
 Dog Bites A Little Girl
 Eva Weald Shoots Her Husband
 Family Fight Ends On A Roof
 Family Fight
 Kid Brother Suspected Of Robbery
 Lenwig Family Fight
 Leroy And The Crooked Cop
 Man Assaults 16 Year Old Girl
 Missing Person Alarm For Old Man
 Old Man Gives Away Expensive Presents
 Old Man Wants Pistol License
 Patrolman Brennan Shoots Boy
 Phil Baloney Found Dead
 Pigeon Drop Con
 Policeman Shoots Boy Thief
 Rookie Cop Guards A Prisoner
 Thieving Brothers
 Thirteen Year Old Boy Killed
 Three men Attempt A Burglary
 Two Men In Stolen Cadillac
 Woman Shoots Her Husband