The Treasure of the Sierra Madre -

Audio CD Collection

1 audio CD - 1949 - Western - Adventure

Live Lux Radio Theater at Its Best!
Starring Humphrey Bogart

Humphrey Bogart film collectors and movie buffs will enjoy this live radio performance! 

In this classic adventure story, two rough-and-tumble wanderers, Dobbs played by Humphrey Bogart and Curtin,Tim Holt, meet up with a veteran prospector, Howard played by Walter Huston, in Mexico and head into the Sierra Madre mountains to find gold.

Although they discover treasure, they also find plenty of trouble, not only from ruthless bandits lurking in the dangerous Mexican wilderness but from their own insecurities and greed, which threaten to bring conflict at any moment.

You wont want to miss out on this Lux radio show dramatization of "The Treasure Of Sierra Madre"

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