Suspense Radio - Audio CD Collection

6 audio CDs in a beautiful, sealed, case collection.

Do you like drama, thrills and chills? Are you a suspense or horror fan? You will simply love "The Suspense Radio Collection"...a collectors edition and choice. Filled with the charm of the good old days, intrigue and drama.

These audio CD's will take you back to your favorite memories, of days gone by. You will love outstanding performances by legendary Hollywood greats! 

You wont want to miss out on these classic original live radio show broadcasts with a cast of Hollywood stars. Legendary... Agnes Moorehead, Vincent Price, Paula Winslowe, Isa Ashdown, Fredrick Marsh, Edmond O'Brien, Robert Mitchum, Robert Young, Robert Ryan and more of your unforgettable radio and film stars!



Sorry Wrong Number
Agnes Moorehead
April 4, 1946
22:25 Minutes 

The Invasion
Paula Winslowe & Isa Ashdown
January 3, 1960
24:07 Minutes

The Name Of The Beast
Vincent Price
April 4, 1946
28:42 Minutes

Actors Blood
Fredrick Marsh 
August 24,1944
29:59 Minutes

Robert Mitchum, Robert Young & Robert Ryan
April 10,1948
60 Minutes 

The Blindspot
Edmond O'Brien
May 1, 1948
60 Minutes 

Public Domain.
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This collection is in a sealed case.
These CDs are in the AUDIO format.

Proudly Made In The USA

Please remember some shows are 80 years old and in their original state. Please email if you have a question!