Sam Spade

Howard Duff

The Adventures of Sam Spade, Detective, debuted in July, 1946 on the ABC Radio Network. Howard Duff was the main star, portraying Sam Spade a detective. Lurene Tuttle stared as Effie Perrine, Spade's secretary. John McIntire played Lt. Dundy. In the series Sam Spade took a streetcar to get around the San Francisco streets......... he hated cabs. The show had plenty of tough-guy basics, action, drama, toughs, dames, wisecracks and laughs. The show's main sponsor was the hair cream, Wildroot Cream Oil.
The Adventures of Sam Spade a detective drama aired from
1946 - 1951.
1 CD consisting of 62 shows.
This CD is in the MP3 format.