The Phantom of the Opera -

Audio CD Collection

1 audio CD - 1943 - Drama - Suspense - Music

Live Lux Radio Theater at Its Best!
Starring Basil Rathbone, Nelson Eddyand Susanna Foster

The legendary Basil Rathbone... was an English actor and he rose to prominence in the United Kingdom as a Shakespearean stage actor, film and radio. 

You will simple enjoy Nelson Eddy... an American singer and actor who appeared in 19 musical films during the 1930s and 1940s, as well as in opera and on the concert stage, radio, television, and in nightclubs.

The talented Susanna Foster... was an American film actress best known for her leading role as Christine in the 1943 film version of Phantom Of The Opera.

If you are a collector and enjoy radio theater...then don't miss out on this 1943 live drama of Phantom Of The Opera. 

Deformed since birth, a bitter man known only as the Phantom lives in the sewers underneath the Paris Opera House. He falls in love with the obscure chorus singer Christine, and privately tutors her while terrorizing the rest of the opera house and demanding Christine be given lead roles.

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