Orson Welles - Audio CD Collection

4 audio CDs in a beautiful, sealed, case collection.

Enjoy these dramatizations of these classic stories by the legendary Orson Welles. Four stories that you will keep you in suspense. Experience the adventures and mystery of these old timeless stories as Orson Welles gives the radio performance of a lifetime. Sit back and enjoy... The Orson Welles Collection.



"The Diamond as Big as the Ritz" by F. Scott Fitzgerald 
60 minutes

"The Diamond as Big as the Ritz" is novella by novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald. It was first published in the June 1922 issue of The Smart Set magazine, and was included in Fitzgerald's 1922 short story collection Tales of the Jazz Age. Much of the story is set in Montana, a setting that may have been inspired by the summer that Fitzgerald spent near White Sulphur Springs, Montana in 1915. Orson Welles adapted the story into a radio play in 1945 and another version was presented three times on the program Escape between 1947 and 1949.A teleplay version was broadcast on Kraft Theatre in 1955.

"Riki-Tikki-Tavi" by Rudyard Kipling 
40 minutes

"Rikki-Tikki-Tavi" is a short story in The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling about the adventures of a valiant young mongoose. The story has often been anthologized, and has been published more than once as a short book in its own right.

"The Secret Sharer" by Joseph Conrad 
60 minutes

The story takes place on a sailing ship in the Gulf of Siam, at the start of a voyage with cargo for Britain. The date is probably in the 1880s (when Conrad was at sea himself). In common with many of Conrad's stories, it is narrated in the first person. The narrator is the ship's young captain, and he is unfamiliar with both his ship and his crew, having joined the ship only a fortnight earlier. He is unsure of his ability to exert his authority over the officers and crew who have been together for some time, and makes the point several times that he is the "stranger" on board.

"Sredni Vashtar" by Hector Hugh Munroe - Saki 
20 minutes

"Sredni Vashtar" is a short story written by Saki (Hector Hugh Munro) between 1900 and 1911 and initially published in his book The Chronicles of Clovis. It has been adapted for opera, film, radio and television.

The story concerns an unhealthy ten-year-old boy named Conradin, who lives with his strict cousin and guardian, Mrs. De Ropp. Conradin rebels against her and invents a new religion for himself, which centers on idolizing a polecat-ferret he calls Sredni Vashtar; he imagines Sredni Vashtar to be a vengeful, merciless god. Conradin keeps the ferret   hidden in a cage in the garden shed, and worships the idol in secret. The story comes to a climax when his cousin sets out to discover his god. 

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