My Favorite Husband

Starring Lucille Ball and Richard Denning.

LONG BEFORE LUCY MET RICKY, American audiences fell in love with Lucy's crazy antics -- on the radio. Her character's name was Liz, not Lucy. And her husband George (played by Richard Denning) was a smalltown banker, not an entertainer. But between 1948 and 1951 My Favorite Husband delighted Lucy's loyal listeners each week with many of the same scatterbrained schemes that would later come to be TV classics on "I Love Lucy."

This CD contains 93 episodes of "My Favorite Husband".
Shows Digitally Recorded in MP3.
This CD is in the MP3 format.

48-07-05 MFH Cugat's Tenth Wedding Anniversary
48-07-23 MFH ep001 Literary Club's Speaker to Dinner
48-08-06 MFH ep003 The Portrait Artist
48-08-13 MFH ep004 The Charity Kissing Booth
48-08-20 MFH ep005 Liz Teaches the Samba (1)
48-08-20 MFH ep005 Liz Teaches the Samba (2)
48-09-03 MFH ep007 Has Second Thoughts
48-09-17 MFH ep009 Liz and the General
48-09-24 MFH ep010 Knitting Baby Booties
48-10-16 MFH ep014 Liz Sells Dresses
48-10-23 MFH ep015 The Quiz Show
48-11-06 MFH ep017 Katy and Roscoe
48-11-13 MFH ep018 Learning to Drive
48-11-20 MFH ep019 Teen-Age Dance
48-11-27 MFH ep020 Is There a Baby in the House
48-12-04 MFH ep021 Be Your Husband's Best Friend
48-12-18 MFH ep023 Liz's New Dress
49-01-07 MFH ep026 Over Budget - Beans
49-01-14 MFH ep027 Piano and Violin Lessons
49-01-21 MFH ep028 Marriage License Error
49-01-28 MFH ep029 The Absolute Truth
49-02-04 MFH ep030 Speech for Civic Organization
49-02-11 MFH ep031 Valentine's Day
49-02-18 MFH ep032 Secretarial School
49-02-25 MFH ep033 Absent mindedness
49-03-04 MFH ep034 Mother-In-Law
49-03-11 MFH ep035 Charity Review
49-04-08 MFH ep039 Gum Machine 
49-04-15 MFH ep040 Horseback Riding
49-04-22 MFH ep041 Time Budgeting
49-04-29 MFH ep042 Vacation Time
49-05-06 MFH ep043 Overweight
49-05-13 MFH ep044 Anniversary Presents
49-05-20 MFH ep045 Getting Old
49-05-27 MFH ep046 Liz in the Hospital
49-06-17 MFH ep049 Television
49-06-24 MFH ep050 Liz Changes Her Mind
49-07-01 MFH ep051 Reminiscing
49-09-02 MFH ep052 The Elves
49-09-16 MFH ep054 Baseball
49-09-23 MFH ep055 The Attic
49-09-30 MFH ep056 Woman's Club Election
49-10-07 MFH ep057 George Tries for a Raise
49-10-14 MFH ep058 Television
49-10-21 MFH ep059 Superstition
49-10-28 MFH ep060 Halloween Surprise Party
49-11-11 MFH ep062 Baby Sitting
49-11-18 MFH ep063 Katy and Mr Negley
49-12-02 MFH ep065 College Homecoming
49-12-09 MFH ep066 The French Lessons
49-12-16 MFH ep067 George's Christmas Presents
49-12-23 MFH ep068 The Sleigh Ride
49-12-30 MFH ep069 Liz and George Are Handcuffed
50-01-06 MFH ep070 Is There Another Woman
50-01-13 MFH ep071 Liz Teaches Iris to Drive
50-01-20 MFH ep072 Liz and the Green Wig
50-01-27 MFH ep073 Liz Writes a Song
50-02-03 MFH ep074 The Country Club Dance
50-02-10 MFH ep075 Mrs Coopers Boyfriend
50-02-24 MFH ep077 Liz Redecorates the House
50-03-03 MFH ep078 Women's Rights Part 1
50-03-10 MFH ep079 Women's Rights Part 2
50-03-17 MFH ep080 The Wills
50-03-19 MFH ep080 The Wills
50-03-24 MFH ep081 Liz's Radio Script
50-04-09 MFH ep083 Hobbies
50-04-23 MFH ep085 The Friendship Award
50-04-30 MFH ep086 Spring Cleaning
50-05-28 MFH ep090 Selling Dresses
50-06-04 MFH ep091 George Is Messy
50-06-11 MFH ep092 Liz Learns to Swim
50-06-18 MFH ep093 Be a Pal
50-06-25 MFH ep094 Dancing Lessons
50-09-09 MFH ep096 Gossip
50-10-07 MFH ep100 Liz Becomes a Sculptress
50-10-14 MFH ep101 Liz Cooks Dinner for Twelve
50-11-18 MFH ep106 Liz Goes to Night School
50-11-25 MFH ep107 Liz's Birthday
50-12-02 MFH ep108 Trying to Marry off Peggy Martin
50-12-09 MFH ep109 Trying to Cash the Prize Check
50-12-16 MFH ep110 Christmas Card Pictures
50-12-23 MFH ep111 The Christmas Stag
50-12-30 MFH ep112 Liz Has the Flimjabs
51-01-06 MFH ep113 Liz Substitutes at a Club Play
51-01-20 MFH ep115 Liz Stretches the Truth
51-01-27 MFH ep116 George Is Drafted - Liz's Baby
51-02-24 MFH ep120 The Two Mothers-In-Law