Mr. Keen, Tracer of Lost Persons

Mr. Keen, Tracer Of Lost Persons ran for 17 years and would be remembered as one of the most successfully long standing radio detective programs. Bennett Kilpack and Phil Clarke would play the roles of Mr. Keen. Mr. Keen could always solve the mystery or case by swaying them with his charisma, kindness and smooth ways. Mr. Clancy, Jim Kelly played Keens assistant. 

51 shows from 1944-1954. Detective drama.
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44-01-06 The Case of the Moonless Night
44-01-13 The Case of the Missing Witness
44-01-20 The Case of the Girl Who Sang Too Well
44-02-03 The Case of the Girl Who Flirted
44-02-10 The Case of the Boy Who Used Big Words
44-02-17 The Case of Mister Trevor's Secret
44-02-24 The Case Of Murder in the Air
44-03-13 The Case of the Silver Candlestick Murder 
44-03-16 The Case of the Strange Display
44-04-13 The Case of The Leaping Dog
44-06-15 The Case of the Woman in Blue
44-11-16 The Case of the Frightened Child
44-12.14 The Case of the Nightmare Murder 
45-03-15 The Case of the Absent Minded Professor
46-05-23 The Case of the Glamorous Widow
49-06-09 The Case Of Murder and the Star of Death
49-09-15 The Case of Murder and the Bloodstained Necklace
49-09-22 The The Case of Yellow Talon Murder 
49-09-29 The Case of Murder With a Thousand Witnesses
49-10-06 The Case of the Man Who Invented Death
49-10-13 The Case of the Silver Dagger Murder 
49-10-27 The Case of the Ruthless Murders
49-11-03 The Forgotten Cave Murder
49-11-10 The Engaged Girl Murder Case
50-01-05 The Case of the Rushville Murder
50-01-19 The Bride and Groom Murder Case
50-01-26 The Telephone Book Murder Case
50-02-09 The Case of Murder and the Jewel Thief
50-02-16 The Case of the Two-Faced Murderer
50-03-09 The Case of the Melody of Murder
50-03-16 The Innocent Flirtation Murder Case
50-04-06 The Case of the Murdered Detective
50-04-13 The Eccentric Millionaire Murder Case
50-04-20 The Country Club Murder Case
50-05-04 The King Cobra Murder Case
50-05-11 Case of Murder & the Missing Car
50-05-18 Case of the Woman Who Married a Murderer
50-05-22 The Skull & Crossbones Murder Case
50-05-25 The Broken Window Murder Case
50-06-01 The Quicksand Murder Case
51-07-27 The Photograph Album Murder Case
51-08-03 The Case of the Strange Murder of Carrie Ellis
51-08-10 The Abandoned Well Murder Case
51-08-17 The Poison Sandwich Murder Case
52-02-22 Murder and the Revengeful Ghost
52-04-03 The Rented Cottage Murder Case
52-04-10 The Mother's Plea Murder Case
54-06-21 The Shrieking Prisoner Murder Case Part 1
54-06-23 The Shrieking Prisoner Murder Case Part 2
54-06-24 The Shrieking Prisoner Murder Case Part 3
54-06-25 The Shrieking Prisoner Murder Case Part 4