The Miracle of the Bells - Audio CD Collection

1 audio CD - 1948 - Holiday - Family

Live Lux Radio Theater at its best!
Starring Frank Sinatra as Father Paul, Fred MacMurrayas William 'Bill' Dunnigan and Alida Valli.

Whether you enjoy comedy or drama you and your entire family will simply enjoy these old time radio show audio classic complete with commercials!

"The story begins as Hollywood press agent Bill Dunnigan Fred MacMurray, who works for a fictional movie studio, arrives by train with the body of Polish-born actress Olga Treskovna. In a voice-over narrated by Dunnigan, we learn that he was in love with Olga, although we never find out if she truly reciprocated his love. He has brought her back to "Coaltown" to honor her deathbed request - to be buried there. After encountering some hostility from the local funeral director who resents Olga's father because he was crooked, Dunnigan enlists the services of Father Paul Frank Sinatra, the local priest, who pulls some strings to grant Olga's request." 

Information courtesy of Wikipedia.


Public Domain.
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Compilation by YourRadioShows.

This collection is in a sealed case.
These CDs are in the AUDIO format.

Proudly Made In The USA

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