The Man Called X

Herbert Marshall

Herbert Marshall played the role of British intelligent Agent, Ken Thurston. Like their counters part the FBI, this sophisticated drama would not only touch on conspiracy, spying and danger, but just about anything if “the price was right”. Travel around the world with “The Man Called X.” Herbert Marshall had lost his leg during WWI. He wore a wooden leg and kept this a secret for most of his prestigious stage and film carrier. Leon Belasco played his sidekick and GeGe Pearson as his girlfriend

50 spy/espionage drama shows from 1948 - 1952.
This CD is in the MP3 format.

48-08-15 Italian Art Collection Hijacked
48-09-26 Laughing Lady
51-01-06 The Himmler Plates
51-01-13 Five Ounces Of Treason
51-01-20 Japanese Underground
51-02-17 Escape from North Korea
51-04-14 Treason at White Sands
51-04-21 Race Against Death
51-05-25 Medicine Smuggling
51-06-01 Underground Escape
51-06-15 Rubber Sabotage
51-06-29 Operation Zero
51-10-01 The Big Lie
52-01-08 Formula H Stolen
52-01-22 The Sword of Allah
52-02-08 Professor Reynolds is Murdered
52-02-19 Half-Penny Stamp
52-02-26. Venezuela Waterway Sabotage
A Free Press for Vienna
Assignation by Zombies
Atomic Papers
Big Lie, The
Carmel, California
Grain Robbers in Bombay
Indonesian Oil
Insurance Racket, The
Land Reclamation Project
Mafia Contract, The
Medicine Smuggling
Missing Papers, The
Nationalista Party, The
Oil in South America
Opium Smuggling In Mexico
Radio Freedom
Relief in Italy
Roulette Scheme
Rubber Shortage
Search for a Traitor
Submarine in the Bay of Bengal
Trouble In The Mine
Trouble Up the Amazon
Underground, The
X Goes to India