The Judy Canova Show

Judy Canova

Join Judy Canova as herself, with her adorable “Pigtails and Calico” country bumpkin style! Mel Blanc portrays the lovable Pedro, the gardener. Gerald Mohr as the strapping Humphrey Cooper. Also, Gale Gordon, George Niese, The Sportsman and other great members of this funny comedy cast!  

33 shows the complete series - Comedy/Variety.
This CD is in the MP3 format.

430824 A Date With Mickey Rooney
431019 Back From Army Camp - Pistol Packin' Mama
450915 Picnic
451103 Judy And The Saxophone
451110 Gurgle Soda Pop Contest
451201 Train Trip East
451222 Exclusive Brentwood Society Christmas Party
460413 Trading In The Old Car
460608 Judy Prepares For A Quiz Show
460615 Two Gun Gertie A Play
460831 Back From Cactus t
461012 Crescent City Gold Rush
461019 Judy At The Radio
461214 Queen Of The Rose Bowl
461221 Quiet Christmas Party
461228 Western Sketch Amateur Show
470201 Going To Mrs Fruitwhistle's Fancy Party
470222 Judy Goes On Wishing Well Quiz Show
470412 Romance Advice From Radio Call-In Show
470419 Judy Buys A New Dress To Impress Benchley
470426 Going To An Opera - Masquerade
470920 Magazine Wants To Write The Life Of Judy
471004 Preparing For A Movie Screen Test
471018 Looking For A Movie Star For Judy's Show
471129 Movie Magazine Does Article On Judy
480117 Eddie Cantor For President
480501 Judy Wants To Be A Dramatic Actress
480529 Judy Reads Scripts
480619 Judy Auditions Acts For Her Road Show
480626 Judy Prepares To Go On Summer Tour
480822 Judy Canova Show
481204 Lord Chumley Has Dinner With Judy
520105 Judy Sees Psych Two Boyfriends