Al Jolson Collection

Al Jolson

Al hosts the Shell Chateau Show from 1935, with a variety of Famous guests. This collection also contains shows from Kraft Music Hall which Al hosted in the late 40's. The all star guest list includes Bing Crosby, Groucho Marx, Humphrey Bogart, Red Skelton, Jimmy Durante, Burns and Allen, Roy Rogers and Dinah Shore. Al sings many
of his famous songs on these shows. 

This Collection also includes Al's guest appearances on other peoples shows. We also have included 6 Lux Theatre presentations which are spectacular. The Lux shows are each almost an hour long.
This is a must Own Collection for the Al Jolson fan.

76 shows from 1935 - 1950.
This CD is in the MP3 format.

35-06-24 Shell Chateau
35-07-06 Shell Chateau
35-07-13 Shell Chateau
35-07-20 Shell Chateau
35-07-27 Shell Chateau
35-08-03 Shell Chateau
35-08-10 Shell Chateau
35-08-17 Shell Chateau
35-08-24 Shell Chateau
35-08-31 Shell Chateau
35-09-07 Shell Chateau
35-09-21 Shell Chateau
35-09-28 Shell Chateau
47-10-02 Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy
47-10-16 Bing Crosby
47-10-23 Groucho Marx
47-11-06 Humphrey Bogart
47-11-27 Dorothy Lamour
47-12-04 Red Skelton
47-12-18 Jimmy Durante
47-12-25 Boris Karloff
48-01-01 Madeline Carroll
48-01-08 William Powell
48-02-12 Charles Laughton
48-03-04 Cary Grant
48-03-25 Clifton Webb
48-04-15 Charles Boyer
48-05-06 Groucho Marx
48-05-20 Henry Morgan
48-11-04 Burns and Allen
48-11-18 Groucho Marx
48-12-02 Peggy Lee
48-12-09 Dennis Day
48-12-16 Dinah Shore
48-12-23 Kraft Choral Club
48-12-30 Doris Day
49-01-06 Larry Parks
49-01-13 Groucho Marx
49-01-20 Victor Moore
49-01-27 Arthur Treacher
49-02-03 Dennis Day
49-02-10 Peggy Lee
49-02-17 Joan Davis
49-02-24 The Andrews Sisters
49-03-03 Dorothy Kirsten
49-03-10 Jimmy Durante
49-03-17 Roy Rogers & Dale Evans
49-03-24 George Jessel
49-04-07 Groucho Marx
49-04-14 Margaret Whiting
49-04-28 Doris Day
49-05-05 Dennis Day
49-05-12 Victor Moore
49-05-19 Dorothy Kirsten
49-05-26 Groucho Marx
49-10-21 Jimmy Durante
49-xx-xx William Bendix
Bing Crosby Chesterfield Show 49-11-03
Bing Crosby Chesterfield Show 49-12-28
Bing Crosby Chesterfield Show 50-01-04
Bing Crosby Chesterfield Show 50-02-15
Bing Crosby Chesterfield Show 50-05-03
Bob Hope Show 47-04-08
Eddie Cantor Show 47-03-06
Eddie Cantor Show 49-01-07
Here's To Veterans #1446
Jimmy Durante Show 48-01-21
Joan Davis Show 50-01-20
Kate Smith Hour 39-12-29
Lux Radio Theatre 36-06-15-Burlesque
Lux Radio Theatre 45-04-02-Swannee River
Lux Radio Theatre 47-06-02-Jazz Singer
Lux Radio Theatre 48-02-16-Jolson Story
Lux Radio Theatre 50-05-22-Jolson Sings Again
Operation Dawn starring Al Jolson & Agnes Moorehead 49-05-22
Tribute hosted by Walter Winchell