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The Jack Benny Program

Comedy at its BEST!

On March 29, 1932, Jack went on his friend Ed Sullivan's radio show and the rest they is history! On May 2nd he was given his own show. For eight years, The Jell-O Program starring Jack Benny entertained American audiences. Jack and his regulars Mary Livingston (Sadie Marks, his real-life wife.), Dennis Day, Rochester (Eddie Anderson), Phil Harris, and Don Wilson, performed their comedic variety show every Sunday at 7:00pm.

The Jack Benny Program was in production on two different radio networks from 1932 to 1958, under six product brands. Jack Benny had a comedic style that was unique and all his own. Instead of making jokes about others, the jokes would often be at Jack Benny's expense. He would allow the other actors on his radio show to get the laugh. He developed a radio character that was extremely miserly with money, vain beyond reason and a talentless violinist. This character was enhanced by a talented cast of actors who worked with Jack. In the 1950's with the arrival of television, Jack Benny worked in both radio and TV simultaneously. This lasted until 1955. Reruns of the Jack Benny show ran until 1957. Jack Benny continued his television work until 1965.

9 CD set with 869 Shows. Over 400 hours!
These CDs are in the MP3 format.

Benny 46-12-01 598 Jack Is To Appear On Phil Baker's Program
Benny 46-12-08 Jack Buys Don Shoe Laces for Christmas
Benny 46-12-15 Jack Learns Don Has Metal Tip Shoelaces
Benny 46-12-22 013 Christmas Party 
Benny 46-12-29 602 Jack, Mary, Gladys And Dennis Go Out
Benny 47-01-05 Guest Show
Benny 47-01-12 Gracie Wants to Listen to Jack on the Radio
Benny 47-01-19 I Was Condemned
Benny 47-01-26 Margie
Benny 47-02-02 It's a Wonderful Life
Benny 47-02-09 What Happens After the Show Goes Off the Air
Benny 47-02-16 Jack's Birthday Party
Benny 47-02-23 022 Jack Fires the Sportsmen
Benny 47-03-02 611 Jack Tries To Rehire The Sportsmen
Benny 47-03-09 Jack Tries to Find Replacement for the Sportsmen
Benny 47-03-16 The Sportsmen Replacement
Benny 47-03-23 The Sportsmen are Hired Back
Benny 47-03-30 027 From San Francisco
Benny 47-04-06 028 Jack Tries to Get Goldwyn 
Benny 47-04-13 Jack Fixes a Phonograph and Buys a Baseball Team
Benny 47-04-20 The Egg and I
Benny 47-04-27 Leaving for Chicago
Benny 47-05-04 To the Train Station for Chicago
Benny 47-05-11 621 From Chicago
Benny 47-05-18 From New York
Benny 47-05-25 Allen's Alley
Benny 47-10-05 001 Jack is Back from Sun Valley Vacation
Benny 47-10-12 002 Jack Fixes Breakfast
Benny 47-10-19 Golf Match at Hillcrest Country Club
Benny 47-10-26 004 Seventh Hole at Hillcrest Country Club
Benny 47-11-02 Movie Skit
Benny 47-11-09 Corner Drug Store
Benny 47-11-16 Cleaning Jack's Den
Benny 47-11-23 Movie of Jack's Life - Thanksgiving Show
Benny 47-11-30 Turkey Dream
Benny 47-12-07 Jack Takes Violin Lessons 
Benny 47-12-14 Jack Has a Sprained Ankle
Benny 47-12-21 Last Moment Christmas Shopping
Benny 47-12-28 New Tenant
Benny 48-01-04 Jack Tries to Get Tickets for the Rose Bowl
Benny 48-01-11 Going to Denver for March-Of-Dimes Benefit
Benny 48-01-18 In Denver for March-Of-Dimes Benefit
Benny 48-02-01 Jack and Mary See Colman's Movie
Benny 48-02-08 642 Nightmare Alley
Benny 48-02-15 Jack's Birthday Party
Benny 48-02-22 From Palm Springs, Ca
Benny 48-02-29 Jack's Girlfriend Gladys Comes to Rehearsal
Benny 48-03-07 Jack Benny is the Walking Man
Benny 48-03-14 647 Winner Of The Walking Man Contest
Benny 48-03-21 648 Academy Awards Are Discussed
Benny 48-03-28 Jack is Robbed of Ronald Colman's Oscar
Benny 48-04-04 Jack Wants to Borrow Bing's Oscar
Benny 48-04-11 From Palm Springs, Ca
Benny 48-04-18 652 Murder At The Racquet Club
Benny 48-04-25 Charlie's Aunt
Benny 48-05-02 Guest Show
Benny 48-05-09 Ronald Colman's Oscar is Returned
Benny 48-05-16 Robert Taylor Subs for Jack
Benny 48-05-23 The Egg and I
Benny 48-05-30 I Was Framed
Benny 48-06-06 659 Jack Leaves For Detroit
Benny 48-06-13 From Detroit - Don's Weight is Discussed
Benny 48-06-20 From Cleveland Palace Theater
Benny 48-06-27 From New York
Benny 48-10-03 Jack Returns to America by Ship 
Benny 48-10-10 Jack and the Gang Listen to the World Series
Benny 48-10-17 Sorry, Wrong Number
Benny 48-10-24 666 The Colman's Have Dinner At Jack's
Benny 48-10-31 005 Jack Goes Trick or Treating
Benny 48-11-07 006 Jack Hears An Echo - Sees Psychiatrist
Benny 48-11-14 669 Jack Is Worried Because Mary Is Late
Benny 48-11-21 Jack Tries to Reach His Advertising Agency
Benny 48-11-28 009 How Jack and the Gang Spent Thanksgiving
Benny 48-12-05 010 Professor La Blanc Gives Jack a Violin Lesson
Benny 48-12-12 Jack Tries to Relax at Home
Benny 48-12-19 Jack Buys a Wallet for Don as Christmas Gift
Benny 48-12-26 675 Last Show For NBC
Benny 49-01-02 676 First Show For CBS
Benny 49-01-09 Lunch at the Brown Derby
Benny 49-01-16 016 Jack's Scrapbook
Benny 49-01-23 Don's Contract
Benny 49-01-30 Don Still Won't Sign His Contract
Benny 49-02-06 Don Signs a New Contract
Benny 49-02-13 682 Jack's Birthday Is Tomorrow
Benny 49-02-20 021 The Horn Blows at Midnight
Benny 49-02-27 Jack Has a Music Lesson
Benny 49-03-06 A Day at the Races
Benny 49-03-13 024 After the Races
Benny 49-03-20 Mary and Van are Late
Benny 49-03-27 026 Spring Cleaning
Benny 49-04-03 American Heart Association
Benny 49-04-17 Easter Parade
Benny 49-04-24 Jack Decides to Trade in the Maxwell
Benny 49-05-01 031 The Treasure of Sierra Madre
Benny 49-05-08 032 Jack is Upset with the Cast
Benny 49-05-15 Mary is Sick
Benny 49-05-22 The Champion and the Set-Up
Benny 49-05-29 Cast Introduced
Benny 49-09-11 Bus Tour Introduces the Cast
Benny 49-09-18 699 Edward My Son
Benny 49-09-25 003 Guest Show
Benny 49-10-02 Jack Takes Inventory of His Pantry  
Benny 49-10-09 Jack's Memory is Lost and Found
Benny 49-10-16 Recovering from a Cold
Benny 49-10-23 Jack is Recovering from Nose Surgery
Benny 49-10-30 705 Don Wilson's Story Of Twenty-Five Years I
Benny 49-11-06 009 Jack Rides in a Yacht