Hop Harrigan

"America's Ace of the Airwaves"
This radio adventure is based on the popular All-American comics star, Hop Harrigan. Harrigan is "America's Ace of the Airwaves," and he gets a lot of flying time fighting evil, and with his flying buddy Tank Tinker along for the ride, was in the thick of the real battles that were raging overseas. Somewhat more adult than the earlier flying adventures, Hop actually gets out of the plane and does some WWII spy work behind the enemy lines in Germany, and later in the series went to the Pacific Theatre to Okinawa for the battle of Okinawa. During the war years, the announcer's war appeals stand in stark contrast to the comic book-inspired adventures on the show.
110 shows from 1942 - 48.
Over 25 hours of great shows.
This CD is in the MP3 format.