"The only national program that brings you authentic police case histories."
 Phillips Lord, looking for a new show concept, went to Washington, and got the approval of J. Edgar Hoover himself to develop a show that used only closed cases. Doing a crime show, like the gangster films of the early 1930's, but making it the real thing, about the real criminals and cops and the FBI was an excellent idea.

The show began on NBC as "The G-Men," soon Changing to "Gangbusters" the show came on strong right from the start and was a radio sensation. The fast paced action filled shows were sometimes violent and interesting true crime cases. During Gangbusters, alerts were broadcast for real criminals wanted by the police or FBI, and teasers called "Crime Buster Clues" were given as teasers to keep the audience ready for more!

87 shows from 1941-1953.
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