Holiday Radio Classics - Family Theater

Have an old fashioned Christmas with this wonderful Holiday Old Time Radio Audio Collection. Whether you enjoy comedy or drama you and your entire family will simply enjoy this beautiful 2-box audio collection.

Each CD comes in individual box case. Make this collection apart of you family traditions during the holiday season. These Old Time Radio Show Broadcasts will entertain you. These family, spiritually orientated and positive themed radio shows, were popular and geared towards a positive family life. The running theme and message of Family Theater was "The family that prays together, stays together".

Old Time Radio Show audio classics that you and your family will treasure. 

A Wonderful Christmas Gift!

2 Audio CDs.
60 minutes each.
Individual box case
2 hours of entertainment
These are Audio CDs and will play on any standard players.

Remember these are NOT DVD’s or MP3s!
These are Audio CDs and will play on your regular player.

This wonderful collection will make

A great Christmas gift. Order Early!

Included Shows
"A Daddy For Christmas"

Starring Pat O'Brien & Linda Johnson
Hosted by the charming Shirley Temple
Original Family Theatre broadcast live…1948…30 Minutes
This dramatization will take you back to an earlier simpler time.

"Blessed Are They"
Starring child star Margaret O'Brien
Original Family Theatre broadcast live…1948…30 Minutes
Listen to Kenny Baker singing"Silent Night".

"Home For Thanksgiving"
Starring the beautiful Joan Leslie
Original Family Theatre broadcast live…1953…30 Minutes
A charming family story.

"Lullaby Of Christmas"
Hosted and Narrated by Roddy McDowall
Original Family Theatre broadcast live…1952…30 Minutes
You won't want to miss out on Roddy McDowell narrating this meaningful story of Christmas.