Dr. Christian

Jean Hersholt plays the role of the kind Dr. Paul Christian in these 30 minute shows. Rosemary Decamp as nurse Judy Price. Many of these shows were about love, teenage problems and just every day life.

50 Shows 1937-1951. Light/drama.
This CD is in the MP3 format.

Dr.Christian 371107 Operation in a Shack
Dr.Christian 371114 Steve and Charlotte Story
Dr.Christian 371121 Tanzy Story
Dr.Christian 371128 Susan and the Opera Singer
Dr.Christian 371205 Blind Boy
Dr.Christian 371212 Mother In Law
Dr.Christian 371219 Young Man Stole Car
Dr.Christian 371226 Woman Who Runs Dress Store
Dr.Christian 380102 Kidnapped Husband
Dr.Christian 380109 Auto Accident
Dr.Christian 380116 Flood Story
Dr.Christian 380123 Dog Story
Dr.Christian 380130 New Store
Dr.Christian 380206 Man with Paralyzed Arm
Dr.Christian 380213 Widow Wants To Marry
Dr.Christian 380220 War Story
Dr.Christian 380227 Milk Racket pt.1
Dr.Christian 380306 Milk Racket pt.2
Dr.Christian 380313 Milk Racket pt.3
Dr.Christian 380320 Prisoner's Child
Dr.Christian 380327 Windy and Truth Pills
Dr.Christian 380403 Harry Monroe and Scarf
Dr.Christian 380417 Dishonest Boy
Dr.Christian 381101 Dr. Christian for Mayor
Dr.Christian 381108 Tony Donella
Dr.Christian 381115 The Accident
Dr.Christian 381122 Corner Store
Dr.Christian 381129 Seeing Eye pt.1
Dr.Christian 381213 Seeing Eye pt.2
Dr.Christian 381220 Danny Gets Married
Dr.Christian 381227 Glamour Girl
Dr.Christian 390103 Neediest Case
Dr.Christian 390110 Guest of Honor
Dr.Christian 390117 Back to Youth
Dr.Christian 390124 Chains
Dr.Christian 390131 Music Box
Dr.Christian 390207 Have a Heart
Dr.Christian 390214 Angel Unaware 
Dr.Christian 390221 Washington Had His Delaware
Dr.Christian 390228 Puppy Love
Dr.Christian 390307 Bad Case of Quarantine
Dr.Christian 390314 Little Sweetheart
Dr.Christian 390321 Mr. Meeks
Dr.Christian 391122 Prelude To Thanksgiving
Dr.Christian 441101 The Substitute
Dr.Christian 450919 HQ Our Daughter Barbara
Dr.Christian 451003 Love to Mama
Dr.Christian 460515 The Devil That Calls in the Night
Dr.Christian 490713 Sammy Hits the Jackpot
Dr.Christian 510221 The Other One