Damon Runyan Theater

Damon Runyan told his stories through the eyes and mouth of a character called "Broadway" because Broadway seems to be his only home. He knows all the guys and dolls and they know him.

John Brown playing "Broadway" takes the listener with him to the inside world of some the Big Apple's toughest, but yet charming perpetrators in this Lighthearted New York Gangster series. Damon Runyan was the master of the slang of this gangsterish style which is often hilarious.

Many radio professionals played the regular characters on the show with the strange sounding names, like Harry the Horse, Dave the Dude (William Conrad, of Gunsmoke), and Sorrowful Jones (Gerald Mohr, Philip Marlowe).  Anne Whitfield played Little Miss Marker. Occasional parts were taken by well-known actors like Frank Lovejoy (Nightbeat,) Jeff Chandler (Mr. Boynton on Our Miss Brooks), Hans Conried and Parley Baer (Chester on Gunsmoke.)

This is the complete series on 1 CD recorded digitally in MP3.
52 shows from 1949.
This CD is in the MP3 format.