CBS Radio Workshop

CBS Radio Workshop was the final incarnation of The Columbia Workshop. The old show had been so successful that CBS knew they were going to have pull out the heavy artillery when it came to writing, music and sound effects. The man behind the new revival was William Froug who had grown up with the old show. Froug had a great idea for the opening show, a 2 part adaptation of Aldous Huxley's Brave New World. CBS got the rights to the book and even got Huxley to narrate the show. William Conrad (Matt Dillon of Gunsmoke) was hired as the series announcer. Conrads powerful voice was perfect for the show and its opening "This is the CBS Radio Workshop...dedicated to man's imagination...the theater of the mind." The last four words are a part of radio history and still used today to describe the golden days of Radio.

87 Shows from 1946-1947
Complete Series
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