Bob Hope

Bob Hope and Judy Garland

Remembering Bob Hope. One of Americas most Beloved and Favorite comedians. 

He charmed not only Americans with his wit, laughter, comedy and charm, but would entertain Military Troops around the World. Bringing hope, laughter and reinsurance to thousands of men and women serving in the Military. There will never be another Bob Hope. 

This CD is a classic and one you will want to add to your collection. It doesn't get much better than this.

Join Bob Hope on the radio with other Hollywood Legends! Over 35 hours of Fun, Laughter and Great Entertainment. Wonderful Comedy Shows!

1 CD 74 shows from 1939 - 1955.
This CD is in the MP3 Format

B5440615 Kraft Music Hall-Bing Crosby
bh391212 Taking Peter To Toyland
bh410610 From Cleveland
bh440525 At Stockton Air Field
bh450202 with Vera Vague and Frances Langford
bh451023 At Santa Anna
bh451218 Christmas Show from San Francisco
bh470408 with Al Jolson
bh471118 Eddie Cantor, Fibber McGee & Molly, Amos & Andy
bh481109 with Jack Benny
bh481207 Christmas Shopping with Doris Day and Bing Crosby
bh490405 Jack Kirkwood Tom Sawyer sketch
bh490419 with Jimmy Durante
bh491206 with Jack Benny and Doris Day
bh4xxxxx Going To Europe To Make A Movie
bh4xxxxx Three Make A Road Picture
bh4xxxxx with Frances Langford
bh500314 with Fred Allen
bh500321 with Bing Crosby and Doris Day
bh510123 from fort ord Jack Kirkwood & Bing Crosby
bh510410 From Coronado NAS with F Laine and H Lamarr
bh510605 from England with Marilyn Maxwell, Jerry Desmond
bh511002 with Jane Russell and Bing Crosby
bh511127 with Jerry Colonna and Virginia Mayo
bh511225 Christmas Show -- Story Of Bingsy And Bobsy
bh520212 Las Vegas Story with Alexis Smith
bh520311 Marilyn Maxwell, Bing Crosby
bh520429 William Holden, Bell Sisters
bh520513 with Dorothy Lamour and Peggy Lee
bh520520 from long beach afb Jack Kirkwood
bh520610 San Diego nas Roy Rogers & Dale Evans
bh520617 from camp roberts with Jane Russel
bh530114 from fort ord Terry Moore & Bing Crosby
bh530121 with Don Cherry & ZsaZsa Gabor
bh530211 Hope & Jane Wyman Do A Nightclub Act
bh530304 Filling Out Income Tax with Jane Russell
bh530401 Anne Baxter - On The Queen Mary
bh530415 from bakersfield with ida lupino
bh530429 from los alamitos nas - Rosemary Clooney
bh530520 with Richard Widmark
bh530527 from fort belvoir with Marilyn Maxwell
bh530603 Henry Fonda point of no return sketch
bh530617 Arlene Dahl from walter reed hospital
bh530701 from hollywood with Jane Wyman
bh531016 with Anne Baxter
bh531127 from hollywood Zsa Zsa Gabor
bh531211 Bob Expects A Generous Gift From Frank Sinatra
bh540122 with Virginia Mayo
bh540219 from hollywood with Richard Widmark
bh540305 with Glenn Ford, David Niven, Corrine Calvet
bh540402 with Rosemary Clooney & Jim Backus
bh540423 from hollywood with Donna Reed
bh540430 from hollywood with Robert Ryan
bh540514 from hollywood with Grace Kelly
bh540521 with Merle Oberon
bh541118 Jack Kirkwood in a car theft sketch
bh541209 Jane Wyman
bh541223 christmas show from long beach veterans' hospital
bh54xxxx Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea
bh54xxxx with jack kirkwood
bh550113 with William Holden sketch
bh550407 Maureen O'hara & Jerry Collona
bh550421 with Jim Backus
bhxxxxxx from Santa Ana
bhxxxxxx Sunday Spectacular With Bob Hope
bhxxxxxx with Vera Vague and Claire Trevor
Bob Hope Big Broadcast of 1938 Promo
Bob Hope GI Journal 74 1945
Bob Hope GIJournal
Bob Hope GIJournal_74_1945
Bob Hope Maxwell House Showboat
bob hope show Frances Langford
Bob Hope Special 46-06-08 Interview in Seattle
Bob Hope Special 50-04-15