The opening cry of BLONDIEEEE!!! Would set the stage for this familiar show full of fun and hilarious times! Adapted from the comic strip by Chic Young. Penny Singleton and Ann Rutherford would be two of the actresses that would play Blondie, and Dagwood would be played by Arthur Lake. Join them on Shady Lane Ave. as they entertain you with laughs.

You will also hear some great band tunes! 

10 Great Shows on 1 CD.
This CD is in the MP3 format.

Blondie 440619 Dagwood Has A Dream
Blondie 441008 Baby Snooks Visits The Bumsteads
Blondie 5xxxxx Missing Package
Blondie Alexander the Actor
Blondie Blondie away at her Mother's
Blondie Circus Outing
Blondie Dagwood Suspected as Bank Robber
Blondie Insect Catcher
Blondie Mr. Dithers Gets Out of Hospital
Blondie Photographing a Prowler