The Bickerson's

John and Blanche Bickerson, played by Don Ameche and Frances Langford, This was a thirty-minute comedy series featuring the quarrelsome husband and wife,  The bickering usually began when Blanche could not sleep because of her husband’s incessant snoring. She woke him constantly to tell him off, turning domestic bliss into all-out warfare!

This CD contains 54 shows from 1946-1951.
This CD is in the MP3 format.

3-2-47 John's Business Trip New Suitcase 
47-02-23 Tonsils Blanche Learns To Drive 
47-03-30 John's New Fishing Pole 
47-05-18 Drene Time Blanches Stomach Pains 
48-03-xx 12 
48-05-14 Two Weeks With Pay 
51-06-05 Fatal Anniversary Present 
51-xx-xx John's Snoring 
51-xx-xx_The Goose by Vacation 
51-xx-xx_The Mink Coat 
8th Wedding Anniversary 
Amos's Bachelor Party 
Amos Borrows John's Tuxedo 
Amos Borrows The Car 
Amos Does Time 
Anniversary Party 
Bachelor Dinner 
Bachelor Party 
Best Of The Bickersons 1 
Best Of The Bickersons 2 
Bickersons Lose Their Apartment 
Bickersons On NBC-67-10-14 
Birthday Present 
Blanche Bets On The Horses 
Blanche's Expensive Injury 
Blanche's New Coat 
Car Repairs Teaching Blanche To Drive 
Christmas Eve 
Easter Parade 
Eunice's Wedding 
Hospital Stay 
Income Tax Refund 
John Goes To Las Vegas 
John Makes Out His Will 
John The Shoplifter 
Kitty's Litter 
New Apartment 
Pink Slip 
Presidential Suite 
Race track 
Reading The Will 
Second Honeymoon 
Street Car Conductor 
The Cruise 
The Kitty's Litter 
The Movie 
The New Puppy 
The New Tux 
The Operation 
The Will 
Two Routines 
Vacation Trailer 
Valentine's Day