The Adventures of Babe Ruth

The Babe

These 15-minute stories of Babe Ruth will bring back memories, of this legendary baseball player. Hear stories about Chick Foster, Dusty Collins and many more as told by Steve Martin, the popular sports reporter .

8 shows on 1 CD from 1934.
This CD is in the MP3 format.

BABE RUTH 34.04.16 Dusty Collins
BABE RUTH 34.04.23 Dutch Reaver
BABE RUTH 34.05.14 Harry the Hat
BABE RUTH 34.05.21 Sweet William
BABE RUTH 34.05.28 There are no Bad Kids
BABE RUTH 34.06.04 Chick Foster
BABE RUTH 34.06.25 Kidnapped
BABE RUTH 34.07.02 Bobby Lee